Leo Barnes – State Master Councilor
Round Table & Delaware Chapters
Tiana – State Sweetheart
Round Table Chapter

Leo Barnes was elected and installed as the 96th State Master Councilor of Kansas DeMolay on July 30th, 2022. His masonic journey started at the age of 4. In 2014 he joined DeMolay as a member of Round Table Chapter in Topeka and served as its Master Councilor in 2018. He is also a member of Delaware Chapter in Kansas City, has received his Blue Honor Key, and has been designated a Chevalier of the order of DeMolay.

Term Theme: Masks
Term Slogan: With the mask of our crown the unknown may find a guiding light.
Term Goals:
Every officer knows their part before our annual conclave (conference) next year.
Come together not only as brothers but as a masonic family alongside Job’s Daughters and Rainbow for Girls.

Tiana was elected State Sweetheart for Kansas DeMolay for the 2022-2023 term. Tiana has been around DeMolay since her older brothers joined in 2009 and 2010, and she enjoys participating in events around the state and supporting the members in their activities. Tiana is a Senior at Lawrence Virtual High School, an education format that allows her to travel and visit Masonic bodies. In her spare time, Tiana plays a variety of instruments, including percussion and guitar. Tiana is currently Grand Faith for Kansas Rainbows and Worthy Advisor for Phoenix Assembly #80 in Topeka.
Von – State Senior Councilor
Delaware Chapter
Tiffany – State Associate Sweetheart
Round Table Chapter

Von is the State Senior Councilor of Kansas DeMolay. He grew up in the small town of Gardner, KS. When Von was 12 years old, he found this awesome organization called DeMolay. When he joined, he had no idea what was going on, but he had some awesome brothers to guide him. Now he wants to be that person that people come to and ask for help as he mentors younger members. At the local level, Von is a member of Delaware Chapter (Kansas City).

Eli – State Junior Councilor
Delaware Chapter

State Staff & ISC Members

Dad Mark McClain – Class 1 Active Member – Executive Officer

Dad Dennis Reed – Class 1 Active Member – State Treasurer

Past Executive Officer

Dad Brent Buckley – State Chapter Dad & RD Director

Dad Steve Crane – Class 1 Active Member – Director of Membership

Grand Secretary & Past Grand Master of DeMolay International

Past Executive Officer

Dad Mark Stephenson – Class 1 Active Member – Director of NE KS

Dad Kendall Garton – Class 1 Active Member – Director of SE KS

Amanda Dockens – Director of Sweethearts

Dad Robert Talbott – Director of Masonic Relations

Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of KS A.F. & A.M.

Dad David Barnes II – Class 1 Active Member – Director of Legion of Honor

Past Executive Officer

Dad Mike Haxton – Director of Chevaliers

Dad Robert Pfuetze – Class 4 Honorary Member – Director of Alumni

Grand Secretary Emeritus of the Grand Lodge of KS A.F. & A.M.

Mom Jennifer Reed – Director of Conclave

Dad Kyle Ryan – Director of Ritual

Mom Andrea Smith – Director of Social Media

Dad David Barnes III – State Webmaster

Dad Eldon Masters – Class 2 Emeritus Member

Past Executive Officer

Dad Galen Graves – Class 3 Deputy Member