Von Finkenbinder – State Master Councilor
Delaware Chapters
Leo Barnes – Deputy State Master Councilor
Round Table & Delaware Chapters

Eli – State Senior Councilor
Delaware Chapter
Gavin – State Junior Councilor
Excalibur Chapter

State Staff & ISC Members

Dad Mark McClain – Class 1 Active Member – Executive Officer

Dad Dennis Reed – Class 1 Active Member – State Treasurer

Past Executive Officer

Dad Brent Buckley – State Chapter Dad & RD Director

Brian Bender – Director of Membership

Dad Mark Stephenson – Class 1 Active Member – Director of NE KS

Dad Kendall Garton – Class 1 Active Member – Director of SE KS

Amanda Dockens – Director of Sweethearts

Dad Robert Talbott – Director of Masonic Relations

Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of KS A.F. & A.M.

Dad David Barnes II – Class 1 Active Member – Director of Legion of Honor

Past Executive Officer

Dad Mike Haxton – Director of Chevaliers

Dad Robert Pfuetze – Class 4 Honorary Member – Director of Alumni

Grand Secretary Emeritus of the Grand Lodge of KS A.F. & A.M.

Mom Jennifer Reed – Director of Conclave

Dad Kyle Ryan – Director of Ritual

Mom Andrea Smith – Director of Social Media

Dad David Barnes III – State Webmaster

Dad Steve Crane – Class 1 Active Member

Grand Secretary & Past Grand Master of DeMolay International

Past Executive Officer

Dad Galen Graves – Class 3 Deputy Member