• Organization providing boys age 9 to 11 an opportunity to be a part of, and support, Demolay.

  • Through Collaborative efforts with the local DeMolay chapter, squires plan their own program of activities.

  • The group supports the purpose and ideals of DeMolay through quality programs teaching leadership skills, social development and cooperative activities with the DeMolay Chapters and other local community groups.

  • The goal of the Squires program is for its members and their parents to have fun while learning three important life lessons: Wisdom (the importance of education), Truth (honesty), and Justice (equality and fairness).

  • By providing a fun environment and teaching three very simple lessons, the Squires will help parents draw closer to their sons and instill values that will stay with their sons throughout their lives.

The basic Squire organization is called a “Manor.” Every Manor is sponsored by a DeMolay Chapter or a DeMolay Jurisdiction. Its adult leaders, who are registered DeMolay Advisors have been educated in Youth Protection and been subjected to the rigorous certification process. In addition, when possible, there is a DeMolay member appointed to the Manor as a “Squire Mentor,” or liaison between the sponsoring chapter and the Manor. His role is to be a big brother and example to the members of the Manor.